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Trinidad Trogon – Chili Pepper Ale

Trinidad Trogon is a chili pepper pale ale brewed with 2-row, malted corn and rye flakes from Riverbend Malt House. Hopped with Cashmere, Citra, Belma and Mosaic hops. Secondary fermentation on locally grown Trinidad Perfume Chili Peppers.

Beautiful habanero-like flavors weave in with tropical hop bouquets through your taste buds, to the back of your throat. You are still waiting for the heat to cripple your throat, but you don’t feel it yet. Smooth and silky, full mouthfeel, open your eyes, it’s superbly refreshing, you can breathe! No heat! Yes, no heat 🙂 Get it while you can, this is a limited release available only at the taproom.