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Building Connections and Establishing Long Term Community Support

At Turgua we strongly believe in supporting the local community for the long term.

Our support begins at the foundational level of our brewing philosophy, highlighting the local flavors of the region. We use primarily locally grown and locally sourced products for our brewing. Over 95% of the malts we use are locally grown ––within a radius of 500 miles–– and locally malted. We either grow or  buy our fruit, herbal, root, and vegetable adjuncts from local farmers. In essence our community support is rooted and tightly bound to our brewery production.

We support our local organizations by donating funds directly or indirectly through group activities. From small local non-profit farming communities in Fairview such as Root Cause Farm, to larger organizations like Manna Food bank participating in seasonal fundraising efforts.


Supply Partners


Committed to supporting local music and the arts.

We consider it to be the fabric that enlightens and inspires local communities to grow together with kindred spirits. It breaks the daily monotonous routines of our lives and allows us to relax and dream further of a brighter future. We have such an amazing music and art scene in this region and we are excited to continue contributing to this incredible local movement by hiring local musicians to play live, organizing music festivals and art collaboratives taking advantage of  our great outdoor locations.

Community Partners

Protecting the Environment

We are beginning to get involved in new projects with environmental groups that focus on protecting the environment, wildlife animals, and their habitats. It’s not only important that we participate in these environmental efforts, it’s crucial, we depend on it. Our water is sourced from deep wells in the Appalachian Mountains, it originates from the protected conservation land that abuts our brewery.



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