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Turgua Brewing specializes in brewing seasonal and year-round ales, lagers and sours, ranging from traditional and non-traditional Pale Ales and IPA’s, to wild yeasts Farmhouse Ales, house Saison Ales, Pilsners and Lagers, light to dark, sweet to sour, fermented in steel and barrel, we traverse a wide range of styles.

Most of our farmhouse ales and saisons are brewed with adjuncts that are locally grown or sourced, such as fruit, herbs, spices and roots vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, beets…). We use mainly seasonal ingredients hence the seasonality of our beers. We thoroughly wash the fruit before adding it to the beer, but never pasteurize it. This brings out different unique wild yeast flavor profiles.



Turgua Brewing is also a winery that produces seasonal traditional hard apple cider from locally grown apples.

Turgua Brewing Produces traditional dry farmhouse Hard Apple Cider, using seasonal  locally grown apples. Depending on availability, we use unpasteurized juice from a freshly pressed blend of heirloom cider apples and commercial varieties of apples. We use different yeast blends to obtain different cider profiles. Very aromatic, some are dry, some have subtle residual sweetness, others are more sour like a farmhouse Basque style cider. We let the wild characters of the native apple yeast speak for themselves.  


Turgua Brewing produces year-round low alcohol sparkling mead, using locally sourced honey and locally grown or sourced  fruit, herbs, spice adjuncts.

We love offering mead as a gluten-free alternative to our beer. Our meads are produced seasonally using our pure mountain well water, local honey, yeast and available fresh fruit or spice adjuncts.


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