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Please read our taproom policies before you plan your visit.


In an effort to keeping everyone and our staff safe we ask that you follow these policies:

COVID Safety

At Turgua we want to provide a Covid safe environment for all our patrons. Our staff is required to wear a mask at all times during their shift. We also require all staff to wash their hands frequently, use sanitizer between transactions and clean all table and other surfaces often. We have also installed ceiling fans and whole room Hepa filters at each end of the taproom and next to the ordering station to providing good air flow and clean filtered air to everyone in the room.

Likewise, we ask that all our patrons follow the current Federal and State mandates regarding Covid Safety recommendations.  Maintaining 6ft distance between patrons from separate groups while waiting in line at the bar or  outside, , face masks are required to be worn when you are inside the taproom building. You may remove your mask when you are seated at a table.

You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages in NC. You must have a valid 21+ ID on you in order to drink alcoholic beverages anywhere on the property.

No alcoholic beverages of any kind can be brought into our taproom from outside our facility.  Any filled growlers, bottles, or canned beers sold for take-away in the taproom must be consumed off premise.

Kids are welcome in the taproom or on our patio decks or in the outdoor space as long as they are accompanied by their parents at all times. Parents, please, when seated inside the taproom keep your kids with you, seated at your table. Children are not allowed to sit at the bar.

While the NC mandated COVID restrictions remain in place, with the exception of service dogs, pets are not allowed inside our taproom. However, friendly and well behaved pets are welcome outside, as long as they are short-leashed and accompanied by their human at all times.

No glassware should be taken within 50ft of the creek. Glassware should be brought back to the taproom. Please be aware that any glassware left behind is a future safety hazard for others, especially for children and pets.

No Smoking
The use of tobacco is not permitted inside the taproom, nor within 100 yards from the taproom. No smoking is allowed in the main lawn are between taproom and outside shelters. Though we have no designated smoking areas we encourage smokers to use common sense, find a spot away from the general public  and maintain a proper distance from nonsmoking patrons

Taproom Furniture 
Taproom furniture must remain inside the taproom at all times. You may bring folding chairs to sit outside, while keeping safe distancing from other groups that are already seated.

Cane Creek
As tempting as it may be, please refrain from wading or swimming in the creek. Be aware that the creek floods when it rains hard and when it does it caries debris from upstream. We have pulled lots of hazardous flotsam from the creek bed and shores, including broken glass, sharp metal pieces, and construction wood with rusty nails sticking out.